Social Media Dialogue Part 5: 9 More Practical Tips

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Josh, Tim, and Rachel continue a multi-part series on how to be an effective pro-life advocate on social media. In this episode they continue a series of 35 practical tips in five categories.

The episode begins with a brief discussion of Tim and Rachel’s favorite podcast, “Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality.” If you want to skip this, the substantive content begins at 10:01.

Here are the tips covered in this episode:
Social Media Specific Tips

  1. Choose a friendly looking profile pic.
  2. Use emoticons and emojis. Bitmojis too if you’re in a texting conversation.
  3. Don’t name drop philosophers and theories or other technical language.
  4. Be prepared to repeat and re-explain.
  5. Understand there may be unseen dynamics at play – some of the commenters may have a history there, they may make comments in what they consider a teasing tone that comes off rude to outsiders, they may have had or encouraged an abortion, they may feel like Planned Parenthood saved their life, they may have been screamed at outside of a clinic.
  6. Remember, other people are watching.
  7. Don’t feed trolls.
  8. Be patient if they insult you.
  9. Don’t be afraid to separate yourself from or disagree with other pro-lifers posting if they are being mean-spirited.

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