FULL COURSE PODCAST: Listener Mail – Questions About Confirmation Bias

Every other Tuesday we publish a new episode of the Equipped for Life Podcast, available to everyone who purchases our course, “Equipped for Life: A Fresh Approach to Conversations about Abortion.” Generally, these podcast episodes won’t be available to the general public, but we plan on occasionally making exceptions, and we’ve decided to make this episode available to everybody.

In this episode Josh and Tim Brahm talk about confirmation bias and why that’s a difficult thing to avoid during this political season.

Some of the questions we respond to in this episode:

– How hard should we work to balance our social media feeds so that we see both sides of multiple issues when we log into Facebook or Twitter?

– Are there any pro-choice films that you recommend to anti-abortion thinkers? In addition, are there any pro-choice films you deem to be morally reprehensible and therefore undeserving of pro-life viewership?”

The episode begins with some pre-show banter, which is common for this podcast. In this case the topic ends up directly tying with the main topic for the show.

PODCAST: Why Pro-Life Advocates Are Not Responsible for the Planned Parenthood Shooting

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I read a piece that I wrote with Josh Brahm after last year’s attack at a Colorado Planned Parenthood. Many pro-choice people responded to that shooting by blaming pro-life advocates. In this piece I show why such claims are completely unjustified by analyzing culpability and what it means to incite violence.

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Dialogue Tip: Tell Them That They Can’t Offend You

Millennials are terrified of offending people.

They are surrounded by a world of trigger warnings and microaggressions. They worry that they’ll be shouted down if they say something that could be perceived as racist, sexist, homophobic, or somehow bigoted. They also really don’t want to be any of those things. Fair or not, many have gotten an impression of pro-life activists that we are ready to yell at them or hit them with a Bible if they set us off.

Put all of those things together, and you have a recipe for dialogue roadblocks. I hate dialogue roadblocks.

Dialogue Tip: Prevent Roadblocks When Possible

Obviously, I am painting with very broad strokes. Some millennials react to microaggression culture by being even more aggressive, and some on both the right and the left have a sense of moral superiority that causes them to be extremely belligerent and not at all worried about offending you. This post is about how to improve your dialogues with the people who are worried about offending you.