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Pro-Life Apologetics Speech at Students for Life Conference

The speech includes these topics:

  • Why I avoid accusing people of committing logical fallacies, and what I do instead;
  • The four-step method of trotting out a toddler that we’ve found to be most effective;
  • How to respond and how NOT to respond when people say “No one knows when life begins.”
  • Three reasons why the Equal Rights Argument changes more minds about abortion than any other personhood argument we’ve ever tested;
  • Why every pro-choice person must choose between one of three extremist options;
  • Three implications of standard bodily rights arguments.


  • Click here to learn more about the Equipped for Life Course.

6 Practical Tips for Having Good Dialogues

Six practical tips for having good dialogues:

  1. Silence your inner monologue.
  2. Rephrase what they said.
  3. Find genuine common ground when possible.
  4. Acknowledge the horror of rape.
  5. Be intentional with your body language.
  6. Be willing to jump to another topic.

8 Faulty Pro-Life Arguments & Tactics

  • This is a recording of Josh Brahm’s presentation at the 2015 Oregon Right to Life conference.

Understanding and Responding to Bodily Rights Arguments

  • This is a recording of Josh Brahm’s presentation of the “de facto guardian” argument at the Oregon Right to Life conference in 2015. He describes both types of bodily rights arguments, discusses the most common pro-life responses to the violinist analogy and why some of them are unpersuasive to many pro-choice atheists, and then explains the de facto guardian argument that may solve this problem.

Relational Apologetics: How to Cultivate Friendship Amidst Challenging Conversations

Responding to Secular Views of the Human Person

  • Josh’s speech at Fresno Pacific University’s Evidence 2014 conference. He explains the Equal Rights Argument and the three different ways you can make a positive case for fetal personhood: Imago Dei, the Rational Nature Argument, and Don Marquis’ Future of Value Argument.

What If the Mothers Life is at Risk?

  • Download MP3. (24-minutes.)
  • This is a recording of a presentation Josh Brahm made at the Students for Life of America Regional Leadership Summit at UCLA, including Q&A on this difficult subject.
  • Our thinking on this subject is heavily influenced by our friend Trent Horn at Catholic Answers. Trent has done a lot of research and great thinking on this subject, and the material we presented is largely based on what Trent has written on the subject that we subsequently agreed with.

Planned Parenthood Unveiled: What They Don’t Want You to Know

  • Download MP3
  • Many people automatically associate Planned Parenthood with abortion. It’s appropriate; they are the nation’s leading abortion provider. However, there’s a lot more to Planned Parenthood than just abortions. After discussing many of these sordid details, Josh details his controversial opinion that Planned Parenthood is NOT a racist organization, and responds to the counter-arguments often made about this subject.
  • Download the Q&A session from a similar presentation in front of a different audience.

Ignorance, Fear and Apathy: 3 Problems the Church Faces in Confronting Abortion

  • Download MP3
  • This is the recording of a sermon Josh preached on January 22, 2012 at Free Grace Church in Clovis. After presenting three questions that Christians can answer to bring moral and theological clarity to the abortion issue, Josh takes a hard look at the main reasons that many Christians remain silent on the abortion issue, and how a proper understanding of the Gospel resolves all three of them. Josh closes with the three things that every Christians should do MINIMALLY about abortion.

Addressing Christian Silence on Abortion

  • Download MP3
  • This is the recording of a sermon Josh preached on January 20, 2013 at Free Grace Church in Clovis. Josh addresses two common reasons why Christians don’t take a stand to make a difference on the issue of abortion: the concern of offending people, and the argument that pro-life advocates should be focused solely on Christian evangelism. Josh argues pragmatically that pro-life work has actually given him more opportunities for evangelism and then makes a principled argument that Christians should be doing both evangelism AND speaking up for the unborn. Josh closes with some easy things that Christians can do to dip their toe in the waters of pro-life advocacy, and then takes a few questions that were texted in anonymously from the congregation.

What the Pro-Life Movement in Ireland Needs to Know in 2020

  • Download MP3
  • Download Q&A Session
  • In February 2020 Josh Brahm was invited to speak at multiple pro-life events in Ireland. This is the edited audio from a speech he gave made particularly for their pro-life movement based on what is going on right now in their country, but includes helpful advice for movements in other countries as well.

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