Abortion and Resurrection: An Easter Reflection

The following article is a reflection about abortion in the context of resurrection, as told by the Easter story. While the vast majority of ERI’s training content is secular in nature, we believe it’s valuable for each individual to speak to those who share a more specific worldview because they will be able to reach them in certain ways a more general approach can’t. Andrew speaks from a Christian worldview; not for all Christians, and certainly many Christians would disagree with several aspects of his theology, but in a distinctly Christian way. We hope it will be profitable for those of you who are Christian, and educational for those who aren’t.

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Banning Post-Birth “Abortion”: Why the Born-Alive Act Matters

I’ve said before on this blog (and I’m not the first to say it) that the “right” to abortion is not the “right to choose” but the right to a dead baby. That is to say, for all of the pro-choice hand-wringing about “unplugging” and maternal safety, pro-choice advocates are not satisfied if pregnancy is ended but the baby survives the abortion attempt. Their ideal right to abortion is the right to an effective abortion, a lethal one.

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Pro-Choice Is Pro-Violence

Pro-choice is pro-violence.

If you’re pro-life, this probably feels obvious to you. You might be surprised I even bothered to type it out.

If you’re pro-choice, though, this is likely an explosive, even offensive, statement to you. But this statement happens to be accurate, and it doesn’t depend on a single pro-life premise in order to be true. Said another way, I don’t need to convince you of the pro-life position in order to demonstrate that you’re committed to the public support of violence against other humans.

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Illinois Trying to Shut Down Pregnancy Centers with Compulsory Disinformation

Right now, the Illinois House and Senate have just passed a bill which would go after pregnancy centers in a way unmatched even by California and Massachusetts. SB 1909 attempts to criminalize, as fraud, attempts by a PRC to convince a woman to choose them over an abortion facility or not to have an abortion.

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Selective Reduction: Abortion by Another Name

Newborn twins with mother on table
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Recently, we’ve gotten comments asking us to address whether or not “selective reduction” is an ethical practice (or perhaps more to the point, to explain why it is not). On one hand, this makes sense; we don’t have material specifically addressing selective reduction or assisted reproductive technologies, and it’s worth talking about those things in detail. On the other hand, I’m a bit surprised, because selective reduction is just an abortion being performed in a specific context that still fails to provide a justification for killing.