ERI Update – It’s a Post-Roe World!

Josh Brahm gives an update on what we’ve been working on at ERI, especially as it relates to optimizing the pro-life movement for a post-Roe world.

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Welcome Joshua Head!

Please help us welcome Joshua Head to the ERI team as our new Video Editor / Coach!

Joshua Head

After serving as Co-President of the pro-life groups at both Johns Hopkins University and St. Olaf College, Joshua takes great excitement in sharing what he has learned from his experiences and helps current college students create a culture of life at their own respective institutions. For over three years, Joshua has taught the ERI method to numerous audiences of varying age groups and can attest to its effectiveness. Multiple students of his have lauded the results that they have seen on campus, including some who have seen pro-choice students change their minds about the issue right in front of them.

As a video editor, Joshua assists with the editing of ERI videos, podcasts, and courses, and has two years of prior experience editing interviews and other creative projects as well. He’ll also be using his experience to coach at least one of ERI’s Affiliate Groups.

Joshua holds a Master of Music in Viola Performance from the Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University and a Bachelor of Music in Viola Performance (Summa Cum Laude) from St. Olaf College.

ERI Update: TikTok and Top 5s of 2021

Josh Brahm shares why the podcast was on hiatus for three months, our surprising success on TikTok, and the top 5 videos, podcasts, and articles of 2021.


  • 00:00 Intro and why we haven’t published podcasts lately
  • 05:35 Surprisingly fast success on TikTok!
  • 08:22 Top 5 videos of 2021
  • 13:30 Top 5 podcasts of 2021
  • 17:35 Top 5 articles of 2021
  • 21:22 Top 3 legacy articles read during 2021
  • 24:56 Equipped for Life Academy plans