Equal Rights Institute Turns Three

Last month marked the three-year anniversary of the launch of Equal Rights Institute. It’s been a fantastic year.

We spoke to 4,250 people in 34 speeches and one all-day seminar. (We rarely do seminars now that the course is out. Now we encourage groups to get the course and then consider flying one of us out for Q&A and roleplay exercises.)

We also published 13 new articles to our blog, which were read by 27,791 people, mainly visiting our site from America, Russia, Canada, the United Kingdom, India, and Australia!

To put those numbers in perspective, we gave about twice as many speeches and spoke to about twice as many people as we had the year before, while we cut our article publishing in more than half while finishing course production and moving. Thanks to our growth in other areas, our blog traffic per article has grown since the last year, so we didn’t see very much of a dip in blog traffic at all.

Here are a few of my favorite memories from the last year:

Releasing the Equipped for Life Course after six months of shooting, editing, and website building.


ERI Update – May 2017

Download Audio MP3 | 00:18:23

I summarize what has been going on at the ERI office in the last month, and what we have planned for the next few months.

Apologies for the look of the video. I shot it on an iPhone and it was particularly humid in DC that day, and the lens must have been fogged up.

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The New Equal Rights Institute Podcast is Live!

You can expect an audio blog every Thursday, monthly ERI updates, and occasional live speech/Q&A audios. Pretty soon we’ll also start featuring regular 3-5 minute snippets from the Equipped for Life Course Podcast as well.

Thanks to everybody who gave us feedback on what they’d be interested in us including in this podcast!

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