Notable Pro-Life Leaders

“Josh Brahm is one of the brightest, most articulate, and innovative people in the pro-life movement. His cutting-edge work is helping people think more clearly, communicate more effectively, and — most importantly — be better ambassadors for Christ. I wholeheartedly endorse Josh’s work, and I encourage you to join me in following Josh and getting involved in his work today!”

~ David Bereit, National Director, 40 Days for Life

“Josh Brahm is an outstanding young talent. Josh is an excellent communicator and a rising star in the field of pro-life apologetics. He’s shown a remarkable desire to both master and communicate the essentials of the pro-life position. He does both extremely well. Josh is fun to watch. He not only connects well with his audience, he also demonstrates that the pro-life position is true and reasonable to believe. I highly recommend Josh’s speaking abilities, both for youth and adult audiences. The future of our cause is indeed bright, provided those of us in leadership positions can cultivate more outstanding apologists like him. Josh Brahm is one of the most talented young pro-life apologists I know.”

~ Scott Klusendorf, President, Life Training Institute

“Josh Brahm is a gift to the pro-life movement! His keen insights into how pro-choice people think — and how we pro-lifers can best dialogue with them — are desperately needed today. With his enthusiasm, curiosity and penetrating intelligence, Josh is transforming the way pro-life people talk about the abortion issue, and helping us all to share the pro-life message more effectively.”

~ Eric Scheidler, Executive Director, Pro-Life Action League

“It has been said that communication clarifies, controls, motivates, provides release, and facilitates decision-making. In my opinion, Josh and Tim Brahm’s Equal Rights Institute delivers high-definition communication tools that not only clarify, control, motivate, provides release and facilitates decision making, but tools that ultimately ensure communication has in fact taken place.”

~ Walter B. Hoye II

“Josh has excellent knowledge of pro-life arguments, the desire to reach our youth, and the courage to be committed to the truth. In other words, he has exactly the tools needed to make a difference in today’s cultural climate.”

~ Dr. Richard Poupard, Blogmaster and Podcast host, Life Training Institute

“Josh Brahm is one of the top pro-life apologists in the country, in my opinion. He does a great job of helping the pro-life movement focus on making the most effective and accurate arguments possible to change hearts and minds. Josh is also a talented interviewer who gets guests to get to the heart of the most important and controversial issues the pro-life community faces.”

~ Steven Ertelt, Founder and Editor, LifeNews.com

“Josh’s presentations are solid, deep, cutting edge, helpful and honoring to Christ and His Word. Youth Groups across the state will benefit from the time they prayerfully spend with Josh Brahm and the presentations he delivers.”

~ Dean Conkel, Youth Ministries Coordinator, Presbyterian Church of America National Office

“Common sense is what Josh brought to our Rally and many attendees were abuzz with what he presented. I would highly recommend having Josh share his insights and experiences with you. Josh Brahm is one of the best kept secrets in California!”

~ Alan Unterreiner, President, United For Life of Merced County

Our Danish pro-life organization, Retten til Liv (Right to Life), had a conference where Josh Brahm was in charge of all the teaching. He taught on having constructive dialogues with pro-choice people. In addition to having great energy throughout, he was great at educating us and had done much in advance to dress up with knowledge of Danish culture to make it more relevant in a Danish context. There was very much satisfaction from everybody who came, and we were able to subsequently see – in the context of a recent campaign – that there has been more awareness about how to constructively dialogue with pro-choice people, especially on Facebook, as well a greater knowledge and insight into the arguments against abortion. We highly recommend Josh Brahm!

~ Ellen Højlund Wibe, National Secretary, Retten Til Liv

Students and Teachers

“I was pro-choice before Sunday, because I was completely ignorant. I had no clue how abortions happened, no clue about statistics, no clue about anything really. I feel stupid for having such an uneducated opinion before, but I’m glad that’s changed. I’m definitely pro-life now.”

~ Rachel, Student at Johnson Ferry Baptist Church, Marietta GA

“I used to be pro-choice. Today I became pro-life. I used to believe that nobody has the right to tell a woman what they can and cannot do in a medical situation. After your explanation I came to the realization that I was wrong. Your reasoning has helped me better understand the abortion debate. I am happy to say that I am now at peace with my Christian beliefs. Thank you for touching my faith, helping me grow in my belief, and be a good ambassador of Jesus.”

~ Arieana, Student, San Joaquin Memorial High School, Fresno, CA

“Josh offers a fresh voice in the abortion conversation.  He spoke to our group on faulty pro-life arguments in order to bring reason and clarity into a debate that is often clouded by sentiment and anger on both sides.  Josh seeks not to increase numbers or animosity on one side or another: rather, he searches for the truth of the matter and, hearing him speak, I think he’s found it.”

~ Evan Beacom, President, University of St. Thomas Students for Human Life

“The best pro-life talk I have ever heard.”

~ Kekie, Student

“Josh’s speech was amazing. It made me want to go out and persuade people to be pro-life.”

~ Adam, Student

“He was very engaging, funny and smart. He gave me awesome ideas and pumped ME UP!

~ Johnny, Student

“This talk made me think of all the times I didn’t know what to say. Now I will.

~ Elena, Student

“This is just what I needed to hear. Everyone should hear this talk.

~ Joey, Student

“I have to say that Josh has done an amazing job framing the abortion issue, and I don’t see how the pro-choice side could ever win a debate against anyone using his arguments. After seeing what abortion is, and hearing the scientific and philosophic arguments, what can the pro-choice side say to disprove it?”

~ Unnamed liberal teacher at Kennesaw State University after her class saw Making Abortion Unthinkable

“For middle school students to be captivated, there has to be a combination of content and presentation style…you had both, and I look forward to following through on our plans to make this a more regular experience next year.”

~ Tom Spencer, Principal, St. Joachim School, Madera, CA

“Fantastic! That is the word to describe Josh Brahm’s presentation to our students at Our Lady of Perpetual Help School. He was engaging, funny, honest, and sincere in discussing serious topics such as abortion and human rights. Josh is clearly passionate about what he does and was able to convey his message through a completely age-appropriate discussion of how to dialogue with others regarding these issues which are so important in society today. I would highly recommend inviting him to speak at your school or church group to help give kids and young adults a voice in this sometimes hard to discuss issue.”

~ Heather Forcey, Vice Principal, Our Lady of Perpetual Help School, Fresno, CA


“As a homeschool parent, I’m convinced that the things homeschoolers will learn in the course will be as important, or even more important, than any academic subject they will study in high school.”

~ Jessica Burchett, Homeschool mom, Bishop, CA


“Josh’s message was so refreshing for us to hear.  We learned so much from his dynamic and captivating talks.  We feel so motivated and refreshed going forward as pro-life activists.”

~Katie Fenton, Students for Life Ireland

Response to Josh and Deanna Unyk’s Relational Apologetics Event

“How can two individuals from vastly different backgrounds reach across the cultural stereotypes that normally divide us and polarize us? How do two people who disagree about the most controversial issues have authentic, meaningful, and even transformative dialogue? At an event sponsored by University of Portland’s Garaventa Center, speaker Josh Brahm and blogger Deanna Unyk told the true story of how they met on the internet while taking very opposite sides in electronic forum discussions on abortion; how, despite their obvious differences, they intentionally cultivated a friendship over more than a hundred emails and hours of Skype; and how their dialogue-in-relationship eventually led Deanna to re-think her position on abortion. The event was about defying stereotypes that keep us divided and polarized; it was about having meaningful and even transformative dialogue on controversial issues that most of us just try to avoid. It was a thought-provoking talk and conversation not only about the human rights issue of abortion, but also about the human act of reaching out to the other.”

~ Dr. Charles F. McCoy, CSC, Assistant Professor, University of Portland

To read more about that event, click here.

Responses to Josh’s Writing

“Your work has helped to revolutionize my paradigms in how I view, and interact with, those with opposing views. It has been influential in helping me to genuinely respect and value pro-choice people. You’ve also motivated me to seek to genuinely understand and engage their actual arguments honestly and carefully, instead of misrepresenting their view to make it easier for me to ‘win’. Pro-choice people are not arguments to win. They are people to love.”

~ Jasmin Aprile

“Your work has helped me transition my abortion dialogues from an adversarial competition into a open and honest discussion where I can find common ground and speak compassionately to those with whom I disagree.”

~ Jacob Simon

“Working with Josh has without a doubt improved my ability to communicate about abortion more effectively and has helped me to overcome any fears of having conversations with pro-choice people. Since applying the tools that were given to me (which I will use for the rest of my life,) I can say that every single conversation I’ve had with a pro-choice person has been pleasant and gratifying.”

~ Mari Lupercio, Director, Latinos4Life

“I’ve realized how important it is that I make sure I fully understand someone’s argument before I respond to them, and that it’s better to have an open and honest discussion than it is to ‘win’ an argument. (I really enjoyed winning arguments.)

~ Jennifer Niles

“You have helped me to understand the good pro-life arguments and how to present them, and to really focus on listening and understanding the people who think differently than me.”

~ Berta Serrano

Pregnancy Care Centers

“I invited Josh Brahm to Trinidad after listening to several of his podcasts and reading his articles, because I felt he had just the right combination to share the pro-life message to a broad cross section of people from a different culture to his own, including non-Christians. Having met Josh and shared the platform with him at several events and radio broadcasts, he certainly bore this out. Josh is gracious, honest and logical and he presents the pro life message unashamedly with intelligence, warmth, love and passion. A rare but much needed combination in the landscape of pro-life speakers. Josh is an ambassador for the truth regarding the sanctity of life and I highly recommend him to speak at any pro-life event targeting any audience. I would invite Josh back to Trinidad in a heartbeat.”

~ Rebekah Ali-Gouveia, Attorney at Law and Founder/Executive Director, The Elpis Pregnancy Centre, Freeport, Trinidad & Tobago

“The very first banquet held by Trinity Pregnancy Center was declared a success by all who attended. Josh Brahm spoke with clarity and passion in how to frame the pro-life debate. Our attendees said they felt Josh effectively educated them, and they were very impressed with his practical insight. Josh brings a powerful argument in the way he frames the pro-life debate. The youth groups that volunteered to help with the banquet have asked for another presentation from Josh. I would strongly recommend Josh for any opportunity to present his outstanding message.”

~ Darlene Moles, Board Secretary, Trinity Pregnancy Resource Center, Chowchilla, CA

“Josh Brahm’s presentation of the sanctity of human life and the reasoning behind the pro-life movement was an unexpected blend of humor, truth, and reality to a very mixed audience. To those who understand the sacrificed numbers of human babies through abortion, the link to the Jewish holocaust was very powerful. Josh did a great job in presenting his reasoning to those he has debated.”

~ Pat Goosev, Executive Director, Turning Point Pregnancy Care Center, Kerman, CA

Youth Pastors

“I’ve never had so many students come up to me after and tell me how much they loved youth group that night. Josh does a great job of not only testing the students, but of training them as well. Josh has a gift, and I believe it is a necessity to have him come and teach on something that he knows more about than any of us youth pastors. Students and staff loved it. It challenged everyone! You will not be disappointed.”

~ Jason Kinzel, Youth Pastor, Bethany Church

“Inviting Josh to speak to our group was one of the best ideas we have had. He brought a powerful and clear message to our students that is causing them to think and react differently in their world today.”

~ Ron “Pup” Nelson, Youth Pastor, Northpark Community Church

“When I introduced Josh at the beginning of our discussion, nobody in the group knew how to react. I gathered that they had never had their private space so invaded by someone proclaiming such radically different views than they were taught to believe. That night, the students learned a lot about why they believe what they believe as well as how to play their role in protecting the lives of unborn children.”

~ Jeff Zimmerman, Youth Pastor, The Bridge Church after Josh did “The Devil’s Advocate” at his youth group

“It’s not easy to keep the attention of a junior high student, let alone a room packed full of them! Josh Brahm was able to do so with the use of humor and impeccable timing all the while presenting principles that were made applicable and relevant to today’s junior high students.”

~ Jimmy Farrell, Jr. High Youth Pastor, New Covenant Community Church

“Josh Brahm’s presentations are exceptional. He was engaging the entire time. Josh has been a real gift to our youth group.

~ Marianne Byers, Youth Director, St. Mary’s Church, Fresno

“I originally heard Josh at the Students for Life Conference and knew we had to get him to our campus. I appreciated his ‘no straw men!’ approach and saw immediately how it would impact students on both sides of the debate and move the conversation in a more productive direction. His presentation to our students was professional, engaging, and well-received.”

                                                                              ~Patrick Ford, Director of Catholic Student Leadership and Formation

Responses to Life Report

“Josh and the team at Life Report produce on a weekly basis the best short-format, web-based discussion of the abortion issue available today. Bar none. I’m a regular listener because it nourishes my soul to know that there are such even-handed and humble advocates for the pro-life view. In a word, Life Report is refreshing. It’s no wonder that the Life Report team also counts many pro-choice advocates among its audience. People of all perspectives on abortion hunger for the sort of discussion in which people take truth seriously but also genuinely want to hear opposing viewpoints and evaluate them fairly. Josh and his team produce a show that is like a good square meal made from the finest ingredients by a master chef. If you’ve been dining in a fast-food dump of talk radio and shout-over-each-other television, feed your mind and heart like I do at the Life Report table each week. You won’t be disappointed.”

~ Stephen Wagner, Director of Training at Justice For All and Author of Common Ground Without Compromise

“Life Report is more than another pro-life podcast. Josh Brahm transcends the technology by using Life Report to ask the right questions. The right questions are those that elicit opinions from both sides of the aisle, offers everyone an opportunity to express themselves, captures our attention, challenges the way we think and by way of highly creative conversation, confronts the conclusions we’re holding close to the vest. Life Report is what communication looks like in the future.”

~ Walter Hoye, Founder and President, Issues4Life Foundation

“I’m actually pro-choice, but I think you guys are the most intelligent and affable pro-lifers on the air.”

~ Matt

“I’m pro-choice, but the way that this clip portrays your show I think you’re doing a very good job. No bashing going on, I think a civil discussion is great. And you can actually be entertaining.”

~ John

“Although I’m pro-choice, I’m a frequent listener of your show, and have listened to about two thirds of your show’s archives. On a personal note, compared to most pro-lifers I see in the media, I find you and your radio show to be far more knowledgeable, not to mention cordial.”

~ Mary

“Hey, I just listened to your podcast for the first time. I was very impressed. The arguments presented were intelligent, relevant, and you didn’t make any illogical appeals to emotion.”

~ Mike

“Your approach towards the pro-life argument is exactly what I was looking for: calm, open and rational.”

~ Paul

“The podcast is amazing. It’s not even a 101 course, but a 202! At first you think these bunch of friends are sitting around beaning cheetos at one another and the next minute you’re sitting up saying, ‘Man, I need to be taking notes, here!'”

~ Karen

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