Dialogue Story: Rachel and Chloe at Aquinas College

I want to share one more dialogue story from our outreach last month at Aquinas College. Two fantastic students from the Students for Life club at University of Michigan, Rachel Crawford and Chloe Alberta, spoke to several pro-choice girls. This is what happened.

Pictured: Dialogue story - Rachel and Chloe talking to students at Aquinas College.

Rachel (left) and Chloe (right) talking to students at Aquinas College.

Chloe begins the story this way:

Towards the end of our day of outreach, Rachel and I had a conversation with two girls, who I’ll call Amber and Linda. Initially they were very hesitant to participate in the poll, because, as Amber informed us, they didn’t really like to think about the issue of abortion and didn’t really have an opinion on it.

Grabbing my handy fetal development chart from the ERI outreach brochure, I asked: “Would you mind if I tell you why it is extremely important to me that people think about abortion?” I showed them the fetal development chart and told them that I believe that human life begins at the moment of fertilization, and that that human life deserves to be protected.

I asked them in the name of having ALL the information possible, in order to make the MOST informed decision, would they be willing to look at a picture that shows what an abortion looks like? They declined because, “It’s probably really disturbing.” “You’re right,” I said. “It’s extremely disturbing and I really have trouble looking at them too.” I explained to them that I see that horrible image of the death of an unborn child, and I see one of the biggest human rights violations of our time. And I cannot be silent about that, and I think that is why it is so important to have an opinion about abortion and not let those human lives be looked over.

My Conversation with “Mark” on Personhood and Apathy

This is the story of one of the dialogues I had during our outreach at the University of Michigan.



I talked to a student I’ll call “Mark” at the University of Michigan who was pro-choice. He thought personhood began in the 2nd trimester, but he wasn’t sure why. I told him my concern was that I wanted an explanation of personhood that would make sense of the idea that all human adults should have an equal right to life. I’ve never seen someone understand where that logic leads so fast. He immediately said, “Oh, if we’re trying to give everyone an equal right to life than personhood would start here” and he pointed to the fertilization picture.

VIDEO: Responding to Secular Views of the Human Person

Watch my speech at Fresno Pacific University’s Evidence 2014 conference. I explain the Equal Rights Argument and the three different ways you can make a positive case for fetal personhood: Imago Dei, the Rational Nature Argument, and Don Marquis’ Future of Value Argument. This includes content I’ve never taught publicly before!

My Speech at the 2014 Students for Life Conference: “I’m Pro-Life, But…”

I was asked to give an apologetics speech at the Students for Life of America 2014 West Coast National Conference. I was given a title, “I’m Pro-Life, But…” that I was allowed to do anything I wanted with, so I chose to respond to these four common statements and questions:

  1. “I’m pro-life, but people tell me I come across like a jerk. What can I do about that?”
  2. “I’m pro-life, but I don’t know how to convince people that abortion is wrong.”
  3. “I’m pro-life, but I think it should be legal.”
  4. “I’m pro-life, but what about rape?”

Download Audio MP3 | 00:49:02

Thanks to Secular Pro-Life for providing their video to me.

Top 5 JoshBrahm.com Posts of 2013

Yup, it’s that time of year where every blog does “top X posts of 2013,” so without further ado, here are the most visited articles I’ve published since starting this blog in July.

I created this list using the Google Analytics for my own site, instead of complicating the process by incorporating stats from LifeNews.com, where most of my articles are republished.

#5: Can you explain why you’re pro-life in a 30-second sound bite?

A politician asked me for a sound bite, so I combined Steve Wagner’s 10-second pro-life apologist and the Equal Rights Argument to create a summary of the pro-life position. I almost didn’t publish this because it’s so short and not terribly original, but lots of people found it practically beneficial.

#4: You should know how to disagree well

A discussion of Paul Graham’s famous “disagreement hierarchy” and the mistake I see pro-life and pro-choice people make the most often as well as how to avoid it.

#3: Atheist Ira Glass is not annoyed by relational evangelism

One of my personal favorite posts of the year and a story that I tell in every speech about relational evangelism. This post also inadvertently got me connected with Jim Henderson who then introduced me to Dale and Jonalyn Fincher, two kindred spirits who I quickly formed a strong friendship with.

#2: Penn Jillette on loving the people he disagrees with

I probably owe the view count on this article to the fact that Penn Jillette tweeted it, but I still enjoyed writing this piece about a famous video Penn made about evangelism as well as a less-known statement Penn made about loving the people he disagrees with on his podcast.

#1: The most undervalued argument in the prolife movement

Frankly, it wasn’t even statistically close. This article about a philosophical argument that I’ve found to be incredibly helpful in the field went viral. I’m still planning on follow-up posts responding to common pro-choice counter-arguments, but I’m taking the time to make sure I do it right, and there are a few possible directions I could take. Stay tuned for more work developing this argument and stories of using it on campus in 2014.

That’s the list! Thanks again for following my blog in its first year, and I’m truly humbled by the gracious feedback I’ve received from most of you.

For the rest of you, I’m looking forward to more open-minded dialogue about the philosophical issues surrounding abortion in the months to come. :)

Merry Christmas!

Brahm Christmas 2013