ERI Update – May 2021

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Josh sits outside the ERI office to share our May 2021 update on what has been going on behind the scenes at ERI, including a recent speaking trip featuring two new seminars and an expansion to the Equipped for Life Course.


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:59 Speaking trip in Oregon
  • 07:25 Ongoing video production & SEO work
  • 17:33 Bragging on our other staff
  • 21:19 Updating our bodily rights training
  • 24:46 Equipped for Life Course workbook 2.0
  • 28:17 Wrap up and thank you to donors

Three Mistakes to Avoid in the Equal Rights Argument

If you’ve read our blog before, you’re hopefully familiar with the Equal Rights Argument. We’ve seen it change more minds than any other pro-life argument we’ve used. It’s so effective, we named our organization after it!

Just because the Equal Rights Argument is convincing doesn’t mean it has no pitfalls or potential places to go wrong. When preparing to update the argument for the Equipped for Life Course, I ran a small focus group where I used our new method of teaching the argument to students who weren’t already familiar with the Equal Rights Argument, and then watched them try it in improvised roleplay dialogues. While they did really well, adding evidence that this new teaching method was an improvement, I noticed them make three mistakes while making the Equal Rights Argument. In fact, I had already seen people make these mistakes in real or practice dialogues in the past. As I drove away from that focus group I realized that all three of these mistakes are natural for pro-life people to make, so it’s worth discussing so we don’t stumble onto these avoidable landmines.

Each of these mistakes is small, but they can derail your conversation about abortion. If you learn to avoid them in advance, it will be more likely that the pro-choice person will see that to be pro-equality they need to be pro-life.

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Top 5 ERI Articles & Podcasts of 2020

As is our tradition at the end of the year, here is a list of the five most-read articles we wrote this year, as well as the five most-watched/heard podcasts from this year and the three most popular articles that were written before this year. The article analytics all came from Google Analytics.

Our blog received 214,177 unique pageviews from 38,373 unique people this year.

On to the list!

The Five Most Read New Articles This Year:

#5: Let’s Talk About Disagreeing With Each Other

Nicole Hocott at the March for Life in the nation’s capital.

When I read this post from University of Michigan Students for Life club leader Nicole Hocott, I asked her if we could repost it because it so aligns with our ethos at ERI. As Nicole explains, “We all have certain topics that make our blood boil. I want to consider what our response should be when talking with people about them.” I can’t think of a more important year to have published this article!

PODCAST: An Analysis of HBO’s “Unpregnant” Film

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It’s our first podcast with Emily Albrecht, the co-president of St. Olaf Students for Life and our next speaker/writer/coach! Josh and Emily discuss the recent HBO film “Unpregnant” because there are themes taught in this movie that may influence some of your conversations with pro-choice people who have seen it.


If you would like to watch the film before listening to our commentary, we invite you to do that. We will discuss the entire plot in this episode.