Responding to 8 Types of Difficult Pro-Lifers (with Monica Snyder & Andrew Kaake – Part 2)

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It’s the question we’re asked more often than any other, and we want to answer it carefully. The question is, “What should I do about the pro-life activist near me who is being difficult? Should I approach them differently than I do my dialogues with pro-choice people?”

Josh and Emily invited ERI Lead Editor Andrew Kaake and Secular Pro-Life’s Executive Director Monica Snyder on the show for a two-part discussion on the way they think about responding to online comments, eight common types of difficult pro-life people, and how you can respond to them.

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The Pregnant 10 Year-Old: Thinking Well About This Tragic Story (with Robin Atkins)

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Everyone has been talking about the tragic case of a 10-year-old who was raped, became pregnant, and driven across state lines to get an abortion. Even President Biden referenced her story in public. Multiple ERI followers have asked us how pro-life people can answer questions about this story without sounding like a moral monster.

Josh and Emily invited licensed mental health counselor Robin Atkins to discuss the story with us. Our conversation included the rules regarding public discussion of patient information, particularly in CHINS cases, and the damage done if the rules are violated as well as how pro-life people should talk about this story.

Emily Albrecht will be speaking at Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church at a young professionals discussion for people ages 21-35.

Date: March 16, 2023
Time: 7:00 pm
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Emily Albrecht will be speaking at the Amnion Pregnancy Center Annual Gala.

Date: October 28, 2022
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Event: Amnion Pregnancy Center Annual Gala
Topic: Six Practical Dialogue Tips: What We've Learned From Talking With 5,000 Pro-Choice People
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Location: 17976 Judicial Rd
Lakeville, MN 55044

What Pastors Need to Know about Abortion

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Pastors very often, I think, would rather not speak publicly about abortion, even if they personally support the pro-life cause. This isn’t usually because they want to hide from the issue or because they don’t think it’s a truth worth defending, but because they are afraid of putting a stumbling block in the way of someone’s salvation. Pastors want pro-choice people to turn to Jesus because they need Him just as much as pro-lifers do. Ministers don’t want to be responsible for someone’s refusal to accept Christ because they pushed them away with a political position.