Practical Tips for Talking with Post-Abortive Women

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Rachel interviews Lori Navrodtzke, a PRC counselor and Justice For All volunteer, about how to dialogue with people about abortion if they’ve already had one.

Topics Covered:

  • What is in a post-abortive woman’s mind when she approaches a pro-life outreach table on campus?
  • What are some signals that pro-life advocates should keep an eye out for, that might be a clue that they’re talking to a post-abortive woman?
  • Are there things we should not say or directly ask?
  • How should you proceed if you ask someone if they’ve had an abortion and they say no, but you think that they’re not being honest about that?
  • A reminder that some post-abortive women don’t regret abortion, at least not yet.
  • If they do disclose their abortion history, what sorts of things should we be doing, especially for those of us who aren’t trained counselors?

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Photo Credit: Lori Navrodtzke talking to a pro-choice student at a Justice For All outreach at the University of North Texas in 2011. Photo owned by JFA and used with permission.

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