Check Out Our New Website!


Our website just got a huge redesign! Beyond incorporating a more contemporary look, here are a few of the main changes you may notice:

New Logo

We finally have a real logo! When we launched ERI I created a basic website and logo so that we could focus on more urgent tasks like developing our training materials. We knew they wouldn’t be permanent. Any good businessman knows the importance of clearly communicating who you are to your audience. Figuring out how to connect to current college students about abortion is one of our greatest strengths, so it’s important for us to communicate with our branding that we are forward-thinking.

ERI Lt-Dk 400

Our new branding will also help us show that we’re a pro-life training organization worthy of speaking at a national level. It will establish trust with potential donors who want to see that we’re professionals who aren’t going anywhere, and who can accomplish our goals.

Expanded Staff Page

Our staff page not only features our office staff, but also our Board of Directors and our Board of Advisors now. 

Our Advisory Board is different from our Board of Directors, and something that we just formalized.

Before Tim and I launched ERI, our single, greatest concern was that we are both young, talented, passionate, but young. After about a month of thinking and praying about that problem, we committed to surrounding ourselves with the wisest people we knew who had more experience than us, or else we wouldn’t do this at all. Taking that approach from the very beginning has been immeasurably valuable.

This advisory board is different than our Board of Directors, who meet quarterly to provide accountability, go over our financial reports, solve problems and make the decisions that only a Board of Directors can make. In contrast, the members of the Board of Advisors will meet with me one-on-one at least once a year. I will talk about our vision for the next year and ask them for their thoughts, advice and critiques.  What pitfalls should we be looking for? Are there major opportunities that we’re missing?

I’ve purposefully put together an advisory board of people whose advice I not only respect, but who have a diverse set of experiences and areas of expertise. By having all of these people speaking into what we’re doing on an ongoing basis, I’m confident that we can direct Equal Rights Institute into becoming the best that it can be. You can see the list of people on both boards at our new staff page. I’m honored that some of the most respected voices in the pro-life movement are willing to speak into what we’re doing, and help us be the best we can be.

New Tools for Supporting Us

The donation page has been set up with better tools. Notice the two large orange buttons on the page:

new donate page

These buttons are always accessible on the website by clicking the orange “Support Us” button at the bottom of each page.

The donate button is pretty self-explanatory. You can do setup both one-time and recurring gifts there.

The “Shop Now” button is the easiest way for you to support ERI when you shop online. If you click it you get this screen:


There are many more options than just Amazon, Nordstrom and Target. You can click the dropdown menu at the top or scroll down and click the “View All Merchants” button. It doesn’t install anything on your computer. It just takes you straight to those webpages, but now when you check out, a percentage of your purchase will be donated to ERI! You might consider bookmarking the Donation page and starting there if you know you’re going to shop online at somewhere like Amazon.

Check out the new website and tell us what you think!


Josh Brahm is the President of Equal Rights Institute, an organization that trains pro-life advocates to think clearly, reason honestly and argue persuasively.

Josh uses speaking, writing and campus outreach to emphasize practical dialogue tips, pro-life philosophy, and relational apologetics.

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