Overpopulation, Reincarnation, Sarcasm, and More

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Rachel shares what happened on her recent speaking and outreach tour in Oregon and Pennsylvania, which leads into a quick impromptu discussion on which people are best to invest the most energy into talking to during outreach, the hardcore pro-choice people or people in the middle.

Then the team responds to listener mail:

  • 22:14: “Why do you sometimes describe your view that embryos are persons as a ‘really weird view’? Is this disingenuous?”
  • 27:41: “How do you respond to overpopulation?”
  • 35:25: “How do you respond to people who are pro-choice because they believe in reincarnation, therefore abortion is no big deal because the babies are just reincarnated somewhere else?”
  • 45:12: “I have a problem with sarcasm. Do you have any tips for me?”

Email us at info@equalrightsinstitute.com to share your weirdest pro-choice arguments you’ve heard! We’d love to cover them in a future episode.

The audio is a little wonky in this episode. We got some new microphone processors that should improve the audio quality, but when we went to edit we realized that we didn’t have all the settings dialed in quite right, so there was a lot of us bleeding into each other’s mics. We made it a lot better through mixing, but it’s still not great. We should have this working better next episode.

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