Reprotection’s Innovative Approach to Closing Abortion Facilities

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Jacob interviews Missy Stone, CEO of Reprotection, a new organization that helps pro-life advocates protect women and children from harm by investigating and closing down dangerous abortion providers.

In this interview you will learn about how Reprotection works, the many government agencies that regulate abortion facilities, a few crazy stories, and how to get information to Reprotection so they can do what they do best while you stay focused on sidewalk counseling.

Learn more about Reprotection at:

Contact Reprotection at


  • 00:00 Introducing Missy and Reprotection
  • 14:31 Why clinics are often poorly maintained and run by sub-optimal doctors
  • 17:21 What Reprotection does
  • 21:36 The government agencies involved in regulating abortion facilities and why bad reports are sometimes ignored
  • 30:28 A success story
  • 37:39 A horror story from Florida
  • 58:33 How you can send tips to Reprotection and what they’re looking for
  • 1:07:44 Why Reprotection was launched after initial testing


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