PODCAST: How One Club Changed Their Campus (Extended Interview with Emily Albrecht)

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We bring you the extended interview of Emily Albrecht (our newest team member!) from the recent ERI Pajama Gala. Emily explains how she got involved in the pro-life movement, and how her campus club used their training from the Equipped for Life Course to transform the culture at St. Olaf, from one where they hated pro-lifers to one where pro-lifers are respected.

New Equal Rights Argument Module Added to Equipped for Life Course

Lady Justice

It’s here! The new Equal Rights Argument module is ready for you to watch!

There’s a cool thing that’s been going on behind the scenes at the ERI office this year. We decided that we wanted to find a better way to train students in the most persuasive pro-life argument, the Equal Rights Argument. It’s been a significant part of our training content since we launched, and while the argument itself doesn’t need to change, we want a more helpful way to teach the argument. We had lots of brainstorm sessions, including multiple great calls with our friends at Justice For All, who also recently revised their method of teaching this argument. We’re excited to announce that we have finally landed on a new four-step process that our Philosophy Team created for teaching the Equal Rights Argument. 

Josh has taught this process virtually to three groups now (including one in Ireland!), as well as to a small focus group that he ran in Charlotte. We feel confident that the new process makes it significantly easier for students to master this argument now, so we just finished publishing this module for the Equipped for Life Course.

NARAL Promotes the Weirdest Pro-Choice Conspiracy Theory We’ve Ever Heard

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Jordan Warfel is our guest today because he discovered a conspiracy theory that NARAL promoted in a recent virtual conference. The theory is based on a book by Ilyse Hogue that argues the pro-life movement doesn’t actually care about babies, but is a front for evangelicals to bring back racial segregation. The discussion includes the horrible dialogue advice NARAL is giving, how both sides often communicate about opinion polls simplistically, and NARAL’s strategy to infiltrate the Black Lives Matter movement. You’re not going to want to miss this one.

Did We Make a Bad Pro-Life Argument?

Josh responds to three pro-choice people who pushed back against our recent video about the Responsibility Objection, one of the pro-life counter-arguments to Judith Jarvis Thomson’s famous violinist thought experiment. Is this pro-life argument a red herring? Did we strawman Thomson?

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