The Imago Dei, or “Why should secularists care about human life?”

Secular Pro-Life blog
June 23, 2014

My friend Monica from Secular Pro-Life wrote a fascinating piece that I think everybody should read, regardless of whether you agree with all of her conclusions.

What I love most about this piece is Monica’s understanding of communication, and how sometimes Person A can say something to Person B and mean well, but Person B can still interpret the statement to mean something else and get offended.

I don’t think that’s always Person B’s fault, by the way. It’s probable that Person A could have reduced the chance of misinterpretation by communicating more clearly.

Here’s Monica on how atheists often interpret the claim that you can’t ground objective morality without an objective moral law giver:

A lot of times we secularists take offense to the question. We think Christians are saying secularists can’t or shouldn’t care about anyone, as if, by definition, we can’t be good people. We think Christians are saying we inherently suck. And yes, sure, there are some Christians who actually think that. But most of the Christians I know aren’t saying that at all. They aren’t saying “You can’t be good.” They’re saying “You clearly are good. I just don’t get where you believe your goodness comes from.” It’s not an accusation, it’s a curiosity.

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