ERI Update: TikTok and Top 5s of 2021

Josh Brahm shares why the podcast was on hiatus for three months, our surprising success on TikTok, and the top 5 videos, podcasts, and articles of 2021.


  • 00:00 Intro and why we haven’t published podcasts lately
  • 05:35 Surprisingly fast success on TikTok!
  • 08:22 Top 5 videos of 2021
  • 13:30 Top 5 podcasts of 2021
  • 17:35 Top 5 articles of 2021
  • 21:22 Top 3 legacy articles read during 2021
  • 24:56 Equipped for Life Academy plans

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Top five videos of 2021:

1: Integrity, Hypocrisy, and Witness: Learning from the Failures of Ravi Zacharias:

2: Unpacking Youth Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman’s Pro-Choice Arguments:

3: Pastors, You Can Reduce Abortions in Your Church | Pro-Life Theology in Practice:

4: The Supreme Court Abortion Case: Your Questions, Answered:

5: Sealioning: The Fastest Way to Shut Down Dialogue:

Top five podcasts of 2021

1: AHA: The Anti-Abortionists Who Fight Other Pro-Lifers (with Jonathon Van Maren – Part 1):

2: REPLAY: The Supreme Court Abortion Case: Your Questions, Answered:

3: A Comedian Shares Tips for Using Humor in Dialogue:

4: AHA Fails to Understand Pro-Life History (with Jonathon Van Maren – Part 2):

5: Muslim Intellectual Debunks Pro-Choice Islamic Scholars (with Dr. Javad Hashmi):

Top five articles of 2021:

1: Refuting Pro-Choice Memes (two new categories and some additional images):

2: The Texas Heartbeat Law: An Overview:

3: Abolitionists Are Going to Get People Killed, and the SBC Just Helped Them:

4: Fine-Tuning the Responsibility Objection: A Reply to David Boonin:

5: Sealioning: The Fastest Way to Shut Down Dialogue

Top 3 legacy articles:

1: Is Abortion 14 Times Safer Than Childbirth?

2: Ben Shapiro’s Response to Abortion in the Case of Rape:

3: Our Experience at the OMSI Prenatal Exhibit Displaying Real Preserved Children:

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