ERI Update – Affiliate Group Program, Speaking, & More (Sep 2021)

Josh Brahm gives an update on what’s been going on at ERI from his hotel room at the national Care Net conference in San Antonio, Texas.

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  • 00:00 Speaking for Oregon Right to Life’s Launch youth event
  • 01:07 We’re booked to speak to our largest audience yet!
  • 02:14 Our new Affiliate Group program
  • 10:27 Speaking at the Care Net Conference
  • 15:18 Bragging on our team / publishing schedule changes

Announcing: The ERI Affiliate Group Program

Are you in a pro-life group? Interested in starting one? Learn from our team of expert pro-life advocates how your group can make an impact for life in your community. ERI Affiliate Groups are pro-life groups of all sizes and types who come together around ERI’s unique approach and apologetics materials in order to maximize their effectiveness in pro-life advocacy. 

Are you a college club? Church group? Youth group? High School group? Right to Life club? Sidewalk Counseling group? Community group? 

Are you just starting out? Already have over 100 members? 

All are welcome here. We’ll meet you where you’re at and be here for every step of your journey. You’ll receive:

  • One-on one, personalized mentoring from one of ERI’s Club Coaches to help your pro-life group reach its full potential.
  • Free lifetime access for an unlimited number of group members to the Equipped for Life Course and Sidewalk Counseling Masterclass.
  • Preferential access and discounts to ERI speakers for events.
  • A set of 50 complimentary ERI Outreach Brochures to use at your club’s outreaches and/or sidewalk counseling after completion of the Equipped for Life Course.
  • Private access to our library of ERI Digital Kits with tips and how-to-guides for running an active and effective pro-life group. Kit topics include:
    • Creating a Professional Club Brand
    • Recruitment & Retainment
    • Running Meetings that Keep Your Members Coming Back
    • Fundraising 101
    • Starting a Pro-Life Outreach
    • Designing Your Own Pro-Life Display
    • Your Club on Social Media 
    • Hosting a Pro-Life Speaker
    • Taking a Trip to the Abortion Facility
    • Building Relationships With Your Local Pregnancy Resource Center


For more information and to apply, visit 

Together, we can change minds and save lives.

ERI Update – May 2021

Download MP3 – 31:00

Josh sits outside the ERI office to share our May 2021 update on what has been going on behind the scenes at ERI, including a recent speaking trip featuring two new seminars and an expansion to the Equipped for Life Course.


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:59 Speaking trip in Oregon
  • 07:25 Ongoing video production & SEO work
  • 17:33 Bragging on our other staff
  • 21:19 Updating our bodily rights training
  • 24:46 Equipped for Life Course workbook 2.0
  • 28:17 Wrap up and thank you to donors

Top 5 ERI Articles & Podcasts of 2020

As is our tradition at the end of the year, here is a list of the five most-read articles we wrote this year, as well as the five most-watched/heard podcasts from this year and the three most popular articles that were written before this year. The article analytics all came from Google Analytics.

Our blog received 214,177 unique pageviews from 38,373 unique people this year.

On to the list!

The Five Most Read New Articles This Year:

#5: Let’s Talk About Disagreeing With Each Other

Nicole Hocott at the March for Life in the nation’s capital.

When I read this post from University of Michigan Students for Life club leader Nicole Hocott, I asked her if we could repost it because it so aligns with our ethos at ERI. As Nicole explains, “We all have certain topics that make our blood boil. I want to consider what our response should be when talking with people about them.” I can’t think of a more important year to have published this article!

New Equal Rights Argument Module Added to Equipped for Life Course

Lady Justice

It’s here! The new Equal Rights Argument module is ready for you to watch!

There’s a cool thing that’s been going on behind the scenes at the ERI office this year. We decided that we wanted to find a better way to train students in the most persuasive pro-life argument, the Equal Rights Argument. It’s been a significant part of our training content since we launched, and while the argument itself doesn’t need to change, we want a more helpful way to teach the argument. We had lots of brainstorm sessions, including multiple great calls with our friends at Justice For All, who also recently revised their method of teaching this argument. We’re excited to announce that we have finally landed on a new four-step process that our Philosophy Team created for teaching the Equal Rights Argument. 

Josh has taught this process virtually to three groups now (including one in Ireland!), as well as to a small focus group that he ran in Charlotte. We feel confident that the new process makes it significantly easier for students to master this argument now, so we just finished publishing this module for the Equipped for Life Course.