ERI Update – April/May 2018 from Denmark!

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I walk around a botanical garden in Denmark and share about what’s been going on behind the scenes at ERI lately:

  • 00:00 – What I did in Denmark
  • 13:02 – Why I had to completely rework the way we do webinars
  • 17:07 – Speaker training for Rachel and her first speaking tour in Oregon and Pennsylvania
  • 19:35 – Where we’re at with the big Equipped for Life Course extension and why it’s taking so long
  • 22:02 – Why we’re building a video studio instead of renting studio time like we did when we first filmed the course two years ago

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New Blog Moderator

This is just a quick announcement that ERI Speaker/Writer Rachel Crawford has been added as a moderator to our blog comments, and she will be the primary moderator for the time being. The other two moderators are Josh and Timothy Brahm.

You can always read our comments policy by clicking on the link at the bottom of the blog. We have a more rigid comments policy than some other sites because our goal is to host interesting conversations with caring, honest, and respectful people. We believe this simple comments policy will facilitate this.

ERI Update – February 2018

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I give an update on the main things that have been going on at ERI in the last month and what we’re working on next.

  • Highlights from Josh’s Canadian speaking tour;
  • Rachel is in Charlotte, and we hired Andrew Kaake and John Ferrer;
  • Doing a lot of research on A/V equipment for extending the course as well as a new project we’re starting this year;
  • Update on course extension we’re going to shoot this year;
  • Update on the search for an office.

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PODCAST: Stories from the Students for Life Conference

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Tim, Rachel, and I sat down to share some of our favorite stories from the people we talked to at the 2018 Students for Life East Coast Conference. We walked away from that conference glowing, excitedly telling each other stories, because that was one of the most encouraging days we had experienced at ERI. We decided that you should have a chance to listen in on those stories, especially if you’re a financial supporter that made this work, and the amazing results we witnessed, possible.

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Top 5 ERI Articles & Podcasts of 2017

I found the top 5 articles by checking the Google Analytics for the ERI blog, instead of complicating the process by incorporating stats from, where many of our articles are later republished. I based the podcast stats by combining each episode’s Libsyn stats (pushes the podcast episodes to iTunes) with the YouTube stats from the same episode, which is the only other place to listen to these podcast episodes. I only counted the stats from our public podcast, as opposed to the Equipped for Life Course Podcast.

General Statistics:

Our blog received 66,621 unique pageviews from more than 39,191 unique people this year. That’s a 57% increase in pageviews from last year!

While we started our Equipped for Life Podcast as a part of our course last August, we decided to start a second podcast that’s open to the public this year. We use the course podcast for longform roundtable discussions, and we post weekly “audio blogs” (articles read by the author), monthly ERI updates and live speech and Q&A audio in the public podcast. Since launching the public podcast, we’ve had 12,725 downloads. We’ll be able to start tracking growth next year.

On to the lists!

The Five Most Read New Articles This Year:

#5: Pro-Lifers Aren’t “Forcing” Women to Stay Pregnant

This is a great piece that Tim wrote this year that shows how a common pro-choice phrase is very rhetorically powerful yet deceptive (whether it’s purposeful or not).