What’s Really Up with the High African-American Abortion Rate? (with Gary Freeman)

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This is a continuation of Josh’s conversation with Gary Freeman on crossing the racial divide in pro-life work. In this episode they discuss the high abortion rate in the African-American community and why that is, and how we should think about the debate over Planned Parenthood being an allegedly racist organization.

Talking “Black Church”, “White Church”, and the Pro-Life Movement (with Gary Freeman)

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This is a continuation of Josh’s conversation with Gary Freeman on crossing the racial divide in pro-life work. In this episode they contrast Gary’s position with those who say that you can’t be pro-life unless you agree with them on other social issues, why people in black churches are distrustful of Gary as soon as he calls himself “pro-life”, and how the church could have possibly made Black Lives Matter irrelevant.

If you haven’t listened to the first part of this conversation, do that first for this section to make sense in context.

Quick Response #25: The World Is Overpopulated, So We Need Abortion

In this Quick Response video, Emily Albrecht debunks the idea, floated by some prominent politicians like Bernie Sanders (and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, to a lesser extent), that the world is at a critical stage of overpopulation, so we need abortion as a means of population control.


For at least a couple hundred years, certain people have complained that the Earth has too many people and foretold the collapse of civilization if we don’t stop having children. Now, these predictions have been completely wrong every time so far, but people still take the overpopulation idea seriously. What’s worse, they often use it as a justification for active evil, such as abortion on a mass scale as a means to limit population growth.

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The overpopulation argument is unfortunately trendy now because of a certain set of politicians. Bernie Sanders, for example, considers abortion necessary to control the population and avoid “climate catastrophe.” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez does a lot of hand-wringing over whether it’s ethical to have children at all.

Of course, their ideas, and the whole overpopulation argument as a whole, just assume that unborn humans aren’t persons, that they lack any rights against the state. What happens if you were to demonstrate personhood? Well, if the unborn are persons, then abortion to control the population is morally the same as infanticide to control the population, which is condemned by almost everyone.

Overpopulation itself isn’t actually carrying any weight in the argument. It’s used as a justification, but since it only works as a justification if the fetus lacks rights, it’s not adding anything. If the fetus lacks rights, then you don’t need an overpopulation crisis or “climate catastrophe” to justify abortion; it should be completely acceptable to kill the fetus for any reason whatsoever because the fetus isn’t a person. So the best way to counter someone who brings up overpopulation is to argue for fetal personhood using the Equal Rights Argument. Then, trot out ALL of the toddlers. It’s immoral to kill toddlers because of overpopulation, so the same would hold true if unborn humans have the same status and value as toddlers.

A Black Pro-Life Speaker on Crossing the Racial Divide (with Gary Freeman)

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This is the first of a three-part series of conversations with Josh and Gary Freeman, a former guest on our podcast. In this episode they discuss Gary’s new ministry, on relationships being key to white and black people understanding each other better and successfully crossing the racial divide, as well as the need to serve people well in spite of cultural differences.

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  • 00:00 Introducing Gary and his new ministry
  • 05:23 Why Gary is choosing to focus his ministry on local needs, instead of national work
  • 10:20 Setting the stage for this episode
  • 13:28 Where Gary is politically
  • 17:45 Where Josh is politically
  • 21:16 Why does there have to be a “black church”?
  • 33:33 On white and black people understanding each other more through relationship
  • 48:25 On the need to serve people well in spite of cultural differences


Emily Albrecht will be speaking at the National March for Life Youth Conference for the Niagara Region Right to Life.

Date: May 11, 2022
Time: 5:40 pm
Event: National March for Life Youth Conference for Niagara Region Right to Life
Sponsor: Niagara Region Right to Life
Venue: St Mary's Church
Location: 100 Young St
Ottawa, ON K1Y 3P7
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