A Different Perspective: Adoption vs. Foster Care vs. Abortion

Robin Atkins is a licensed mental health counselor, specializing in reproductive issues. She also has a philosophy degree. She spent four years doing home-based therapy with the Department of Children’s Services. She’s a pro-life advocate and has very interesting thoughts on the topic of abortion.

This is the first of three episodes with Robin. In this episode, Robin discusses the differences between newborn adoption, foster care, and abortion.

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  • 00:00 Announcement about bonus discussion
  • 01:59 Introducing Robin
  • 04:33 The ERI podcast episode Robin disagreed with
  • 06:54 Common ground about adoption
  • 09:24 The purpose of foster care
  • 09:55 Problems and potential solutions
  • 16:13 Should all foster kids be reunited with their bio parents?
  • 18:06 Foster care issues continued
  • 18:42 Safe haven babies
  • 23:55 The damage done to the foster community from pro-choice people
  • 25:04 The Turnaway Study
  • 29:50 Do all women instantly regret their abortion?
  • 33:30 Clarifying how foster care works
  • 38:35 Eugenics and adoption
  • 42:05 Children’s rights and consent
  • 49:46 Does abuse happen in foster care as often as people think?
  • 54:13 Reforms that would improve the newborn adoption system
  • 59:34 Why sidewalk counselors shouldn’t bring up adoption (at least most of the time)
  • 1:02:38 How churches could respond to unwed pregnancy better
  • 1:10:56 Contrasting adoption and foster care with abortion

Host: Josh Brahm
Guest: Robin Atkins
Audio/Video Editor: Chapter One Films & Josh Brahm
Publisher: Jen Westmoreland

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