FREE SPEECH AUDIO: 9 Faulty Pro-Life Arguments & Tactics

While surprising to some audiences, pro-lifers occasionally make arguments that are easily refutable.  They also sometimes use tactics during abortion debates that are counter-productive.  I analyzes nine examples in this presentation:

  1. “Your mother chose life!”
  2. “The Bible is pro-life!”
  3. “Abortion is wrong because it hurts the economy.”
  4. “Abortion is wrong because it hurts women / causes breast cancer.”
  5. “Think of all the Beethoven’s we’ve murdered.”
  6. “Abortion is wrong because it tortures babies to death.”
  7. “We shouldn’t use embryonic stem cell research because adult stem cell research has more results.”
  8. Endless quibbling over terms with pro-choice people.
  9. Focusing on the conspiracy theory that Planned Parenthood is a racist organization.
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Questions from the Q&A Session:

  1. Is “your mother chose life” a bad argument every time, or are there circumstances where it is useful? (Includes a cameo by pro-life hero Eric Scheidler with the strongest defense of vanilla ice cream I have ever heard.)
  2. If embryonic stem cell research could treat a bunch of diseases, would the ends justify the means?
  3. What if the pregnancy is threatening the mother’s life?

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