“The Antidote for Pro-Life Weirdness”
by Houston Baptist University

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The City

Sitting in on Houston Baptist University‘s podcast was one of the highlights of this year. So grateful for the opportunity to discuss effective pro-life dialogue techniques with Dr. John Mark Reynolds and Cate MacDonald.

Download the podcast here, and subscribe to it while you’re at it. I’ve listened to about half of their archive in the last few weeks.


  1. What do you mean when you say pro-lifers shouldn’t label others?
  2. Should we call anybody “pro abortion?”
  3. What would you call a pro-abortion person or abortionist to their face?
  4. What should pro-lifers be doing in dialogue?
  5. Why should we have dialogue with abortionists? Aren’t they completely wicked?
  6. Does loving our enemies mean we need to be wimpy?
  7. Isn’t this issue more urgent? Babies are dying and you’re sitting around engaging in dialogue?
  8. How are some pro-lifers weird and ineffectual?
  9. Should we start our conversations on the things we have in common?
  10. How many people do you meet on both sides who don’t base their opinions on arguments but on personal experiences?
  11. Do you see a lot of emotion in the pro-life cause that is functional, as opposed to dysfunctional?
  12. Who’s the best pro-life spokesperson from whom you’ve never gotten a check?
  13. Is this conversation so degenerate that the smart people on both sides aren’t given a chance to explain their views without using soundbites?
  14. What is a more complicated thing you would say if a radio show let you explain it without interruption?

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