16 Tips for a Better Pro-Life Group Facebook Page

All pro-life organizations ought to have some presence on social media, but there are some common mistakes that can drastically reduce the effectiveness of a Facebook page. Speaking as someone with experience as a Students for Life leader, running an effective Facebook page is not as difficult as it looks. This post will help you see actual results rather than just having your Facebook page sit there as another task on your long to-do list. It just takes some intentionality.

If you do not already have a public Facebook page for your group, then you need to create one right away. A Facebook group for your club members to privately chat in is not the same as a page because it does not allow you to develop either a public following or interest in your group. The Facebook page is a public platform that allows people to find you, follow what is happening with your group, and share your posts with their friends.

These 16 tips will help you to get measurable results from your Facebook page:

Josh Brahm will be speaking on understanding and responding to the strongest pro-choice arguments at Belmont Abbey College on February 15th.

Many conversations surrounding abortion focus on the personhood of the unborn, but the strongest pro-choice arguments grant the entire pro-life case that the unborn is a full human being. They go on to claim that abortion should still be legal because women have a right to control their own bodies. Josh Brahm will explain how a comprehensive discussion about abortion needs to address more than just the humanity and personhood of the fetus, but also a woman’s right to her own bodily autonomy as it relates to pregnancy.

This lecture is designed to explain the philosophy of bodily rights arguments and explore responses to them. Individuals in the audience from all ends on the abortion debate can leave this talk with a deeper understanding of bodily rights arguments and will think differently about abortion if they have previously disregarded this crucial part of the abortion debate.

The lecture will be followed by an open Q&A session.

Speaker: Josh Brahm, President, Equal Rights Institute

This event has been sponsored by Crusaders For Life and Leadership Institute.

Date: February 15, 2018
Time: 7:30-9:00 p.m.
Event: Understanding and Responding to “My Body, My Choice”
Sponsor: Crusaders for Life
Venue: Belmont Abbey College, Student Commons (Abbot Walter Coggin Student Center)
Location: 100 Belmont Mt Holly Rd,
Belmont, NC 28012
Public: Public
Registration: Click here to register.

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COURSE PODCAST CLIP: That James Franco Video

Every other Wednesday we publish a new episode of the Equipped for Life Podcast, available to everyone who purchases our course, “Equipped for Life: A Fresh Approach to Conversations about Abortion.” Generally, these podcast episodes won’t be available to the general public, but we plan on releasing short clips from the episodes every Thursday, to give you a sense of what these podcasts are like.

In this episode of the Equipped for Life Course Podcast, Tim, Rachel, and I dissect the confusing video created by actor James Franco as he interviews Princeton professor Elizabeth Harman on her abortion argument. We go on to explain and refute the argument Harman makes in her original paper.

Download Audio MP3 | 00:21:47

In this clip, the team discusses the reaction of the pro-life community after this video was published.

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PODCAST: You Should Know What a Logical Fallacy Actually Is

Download Audio MP3 | 00:06:12

This is a piece that I wrote a few years ago. I was responding to an annoying trend that I had been seeing, at least among pro-life people. We are tempted to talk about fallacies all the time in conversation, but one danger of accusing people of committing a logical fallacy is that you may not actually know what you’re talking about.

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PODCAST: Stories from the Students for Life Conference

Download Audio MP3 | 01:00:30

Tim, Rachel, and I sat down to share some of our favorite stories from the people we talked to at the 2018 Students for Life East Coast Conference. We walked away from that conference glowing, excitedly telling each other stories, because that was one of the most encouraging days we had experienced at ERI. We decided that you should have a chance to listen in on those stories, especially if you’re a financial supporter that made this work, and the amazing results we witnessed, possible.

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