Emily Albrecht will be speaking at the University of Southern California.

Date: November 9, 2022
Time: 5:30 pm
Event: University of Southern California - Trojans for Life
Topic: A Woman's View on Bodily Autonomy and Abortion
Sponsor: Trojans for Life

Abortion Dialogue on Campus: Outreach Stories and Trends – Part 2

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Josh and Emily share interesting stories from their last two semesters of campus outreach, and some of the trends they’re noticing among pro-choice college students.

This is part two of the series, and includes the story of protesters apologizing to us, why we might change the way we promote Emily’s speeches, the creative ways the pro-choice students at St. Olaf are now countering our outreaches there, an innovative pro-life response to a Jainist, and an improved response to people who bite the squirrel bullet! Then they discuss trends and recommendations for future pro-life outreaches.

A Response to the Car Crash Analogy

Suppose that while you’re driving home from work, you get into a car accident, and the other person is severely injured. He’ll die unless you give him a kidney. It would be morally admirable of you to donate your kidney to him, but many people find it doubtful that you should be legally required to donate your kidney. They would say that the government shouldn’t force you to provide this sort of bodily assistance, even though it’s necessary to save the other driver’s life.

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Quick Response #28: An Acorn Is Not an Oak Tree, So a Fetus Is Not a Child

Judith Jarvis Thomson is famous for the Violinist argument from her paper “In Defense of Abortion,” but she actually begins it with another well-known analogy: since an acorn isn’t an oak tree, a fetus shouldn’t be considered a child. Emily Albrecht explains why Thomson’s acorn analogy, while popular, is a fallacious argument that isn’t a problem for the pro-life position.