What’s Really Up with the High African-American Abortion Rate? (with Gary Freeman)

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This is a continuation of Josh’s conversation with Gary Freeman on crossing the racial divide in pro-life work. In this episode they discuss the high abortion rate in the African-American community and why that is, and how we should think about the debate over Planned Parenthood being an allegedly racist organization.

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  • 00:00 The way pro-life people tend to talk about this statistical disparity
  • 4:46 What is going on with the African-American abortion rate?
  • 8:21 Is the Alan Guttmacher Institute right that the higher unintended pregnancy rate among African-Americans is part of the puzzle?
  • 11:20 Is Walter Hoye right when he says that abortion is less stigmatized in the African-American community?
  • 15:45 Why Gary doesn’t use the word “privilege” in the way it often is used
  • 16:42 Josh summarizes some of the reasons pro-lifers tend to call Planned Parenthood a “racist organization” and his take
  • 22:37 Gary’s response
  • 26:29 Acknowledging examples of real racism in the abortion industry
  • 27:24 How pro-life people could better help these people not choose abortion
  • 29:16 Considering Live Action’s racism investigation
  • 33:54 Considering Margaret Sanger
  • 44:58 Should pro-lifers talk about Margaret Sanger in order to get African-Americans to distrust Planned Parenthood?
  • 48:20 Why pro-lifers should be careful how they talk about Planned Parenthood with pro-choice people

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