Are there “Noncontroversial” Embryonic Stem Cells?

sc4I’ve recently had the pleasure of getting to know Dr. Michael Buratovich. He’s a Professor of Biochemistry at Spring Arbor University and the faculty advisor for the SAU Students for Life club.

He recently published The Stem Cell Epistles: Letters to my Students about Bioethics, Embryos, Stem Cells, and Fertility Treatmentswhere he answers questions about stem cells and regenerative medicine, the humanity of the early human embryo, cloning, fertility treatments, and the viability and future of stem cell-based treatments.

He’s also a fan of Life Report, and I will be recording an interview with him next month.

He recently wrote a blog post that I think is worth reading, as I expect there’s going to be more talk of these so-called noncontroversial embryonic stem cells.

At the end of the post, Dr. Buratovich explains why this type of stem cell research is morally problematic.