My Speech at the 2014 Students for Life Conference: “I’m Pro-Life, But…”

I was asked to give an apologetics speech at the Students for Life of America 2014 West Coast National Conference. I was given a title, “I’m Pro-Life, But…” that I was allowed to do anything I wanted with, so I chose to respond to these four common statements and questions:

  1. “I’m pro-life, but people tell me I come across like a jerk. What can I do about that?”
  2. “I’m pro-life, but I don’t know how to convince people that abortion is wrong.”
  3. “I’m pro-life, but I think it should be legal.”
  4. “I’m pro-life, but what about rape?”

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Thanks to Secular Pro-Life for providing their video to me.

Live Q&A With Me and Pastor Matt Troupe at Free Grace Church

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My pastor, Matt Troupe at Free Grace Church in Clovis, asked me to join him for some Q&A after his Sanctity of Life sermon. The questions were texted in by the congregation during the sermon, and appeared on the screen for us to answer.


  1. Do you think we abortion will be criminalized in our lifetime? This generation seems to be so much more narcissistic than the one Wilberforce faced.
  2. How do you talk to someone who feels they have or had no choice but to get an abortion? (Not someone who was pressured.)
  3. Isn’t there a proper place for shame in society? Isn’t sin shameful? Where’s the balance?
  4. What are your thoughts about how little we value children compared to Bible times?