Social Media Dialogue Part 3: 7 Practical Tips for Overcoming the Challenges

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Josh, Tim, and Rachel continue a multi-part series on how to be an effective pro-life advocate on social media. In this episode they begin a series of 35 practical tips in five categories.

Here are the tips covered in this episode:

General Strategy

  1. Move to PM or in person as soon as possible, and then to Skype/in-person soon after that. Once you’re in PM, get personal.
  2. Make minimal persuasion goals. It’s more of a marathon on Facebook than outreach.
  3. Make limited claims.


  1. Be aware of the lack of nonverbal communication. It’s just your text and your profile pic if they don’t know you. Given that, you need to write a little bit as a caricature of yourself so that after it’s been filtered, it comes out fairly accurately.
  2. Post things with pro-choice people in mind. Will it make pro-lifers raise their fists but cause pro-choice people to be frustrated and less likely to talk to you, your friends, and all the other pro-lifers? Then don’t share it.
  3. Assume the best about people. 
  4. Take a step back if you’re feeling defensive.

Sorry about the occasional coughing you’ll hear in the background. Some of the team had colds while we recorded this episode.

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