Refuting Myths about Pregnancy Centers (with Meredith Maloley & Jacob Nels)

Download MP3 – 37:54

While at our AirBnb in Washington, D.C. we filmed a set of podcasts with Emily, Jacob, and Meredith Maloley. Meredith helped Emily run the pro-life club at St. Olaf, and now volunteers as an ERI Club Coach and works at a Pregnancy Resource Center.

In this episode they discuss (and refute) the most common myths that organizations like NARAL and Planned Parenthood spread about pregnancy centers. They then finish by talking about the most helpful (and least helpful) things pro-lifers can do to help PRCs.


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 1:41: Myth #1: Pregnancy centers are fake medical clinics
  • 6:51: Myth #2: PRC’s coerce or manipulate women into not having abortions
  • 20:19: Myth #3: PRC’s are only pro-birth
  • 28:37: What is actually helpful for the average pro-lifer to do for a PRC, and what should they not do?


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