Sometimes, when you think about your past, particularly something that you have since changed, you want to get rid of much that was associated with whatever was prior to your change. However, I don’t want to do that in the case of my being pro-choice. I want to remain open to arguments from the pro-choice perspective, even if I’m not sure that I will hear something to convince me to be pro-choice again. I want to keep my compassion toward pro-choicers, even when I see so many bullies making poor arguments.

It can be very difficult sometimes. There are some days that I see pro-choicers saying horrible things or making poor arguments and I just want to honestly drop everything and lump them all into the same group when I’m put in a bad mood. But I don’t do that, because there are many wonderful people out there who are pro-choice, and I was once there as well. I was not pro-choice out of hate, and it is the same with some pro-choicers.

I seriously did not consider the human fetus to be a person. Now that I do, however, and now that I have come to learn more and read some of perhaps the best pro-life arguments, I have changed, and I have to remind myself that I had to take the time to step out of my own comfort zone to listen to those arguments and consider them. It is so easy to live in our comfort one and never acknowledge what we disagree with.

I hope I never come to that point, where I refuse to listen to those that disagree with me simply because I don’t agree with their stance. I hope I never forget that I was once as bad (and sometimes worse) than the people that upset me with the things that they say. And though I am comfortable in my pro-life stance, I hope I never stop considering new arguments and bettering my own.