PODCAST: Q&A Session with Rock for Life Activists – Part 2

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Two months ago I spent about four hours in two sessions answering questions from Rock for Life activists before their outreach tour this summer. This is the audio from the second of those two sessions. Click here for the audio from the first session.

I’ll list the topics below in case you want to jump around:

  • 0:52: “Can you clarify about the use of the word ‘humanness’ in the Equal Rights Argument?”
  • 9:32: I recommend asking Christian pro-life people how they would explain their pro-life views to a non-Christian.
  • 13:44: “How do you approach this issue with Christians who very well might be post-abortive?”
  • 18:52: Discussion about why pro-choice people would grieve miscarriages and that they can often find more comfort opening up to pro-life people about that than some pro-choice activists.
  • 27:51: “How do you be open-minded, yet never sway from your opinions?”
  • 40:13: “What are your thoughts on the difference between confidence and faith?”
  • 47:12: “How should we think about birth control?”
  • 1:04:12: “How should we handle pro-life activists who think differently than we do about how we ought to behave around pro-choice people?”
  • 1:26:41: “What would be one suggestion for us as far as what arguments or topics to avoid given that we’re going to be speaking to a diverse group of people that we don’t want to needlessly offend more than necessary?”

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Josh Brahm is the President of Equal Rights Institute, an organization that trains pro-life advocates to think clearly, reason honestly and argue persuasively.

Josh uses speaking, writing and campus outreach to emphasize practical dialogue tips, pro-life philosophy, and relational apologetics.

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