What New Research Tells Us About Persuasion

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Josh and Rachel look at a research article published by the Association for Psychological Science (APS) in 2019,  Perspective Taking and Self-Persuasion: Why “Putting Yourself in Their Shoes” Reduces Openness to Attitude Change, and discuss how it should influence the way we make pro-life arguments.


  • 4:00 Summarizing the research
  • 15:16 How ERI develops new apologetics arguments.
  • 28:33 Personality research from Jordan Peterson points to reasons behind political disagreement.
  • 37:45 Does perspective-taking help with empathy but not creating arguments?
  • 42:46 Shared values help to move persuasion forward.

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Josh Brahm is the President of Equal Rights Institute, an organization that trains pro-life advocates to think clearly, reason honestly and argue persuasively.

Josh uses speaking, writing and campus outreach to emphasize practical dialogue tips, pro-life philosophy, and relational apologetics.

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