New Pro-Life Resource: ERI Quick Response Series

We’re excited to share our newest video series with you! Our Quick Response series is designed to provide answers for many of the most common pro-choice objections in under five minutes. We’re launching this series in a YouTube playlist with a dozen videos, but we have many more that we will be releasing on a weekly basis over the next few months!

Quick Response Series

If you want a quick reference for how to respond to people who claim the fetus is a parasite, who bring up back-alley abortions, or who talk about consenting to pregnancy, these videos are for you! They’re also perfect for sharing with others to help them understand your views, even on subjects like the Violinist Argument. You can link to them in social media dialogues, watch them to quickly brush up on your dialogue skills, or direct your pro-choice friends to them to get a conversation started. The possibilities are endless!

Here are links to each of the first twelve videos and their scripts; watch them all, or just the one that interests you right now!

Quick Response #1: The Embryo Isn’t Human:

Quick Response #2: The Embryo Isn’t a Person:

Quick Response #3: The Fetus Is a Parasite:

Quick Response #4: My Body, My Choice—A Woman’s Body Is Her Sovereign Zone:

Quick Response #5: Women Have the Right to Refuse the Use of Their Bodies – The Violinist Argument:

Quick Response #6: Consent to Sex Is Not Consent to Pregnancy:

Quick Response #7: Banning Abortion Forces Women to Stay Pregnant:

Quick Response #8: Abortion Is Necessary for Women’s Equality:

Quick Response #9: Abortion Is a Private Health Care Decision:

Quick Response #10: Back-Alley Abortions:

Quick Response #11: Banning Abortion Won’t Stop Abortions:

Quick Response #12: We Need Broad Abortion Access for Rape Cases:

We hope you find this to be a resource you can reference repeatedly as you continue to have conversations with different pro-choice people. You can be confident that there are answers to the toughest pro-choice arguments and be equipped as a compelling pro-life advocate. Our Quick Response series is here to help you be even more persuasive in your dialogues about abortion!

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