Mental Health and Informed Consent in Abortion (with Robin Atkins)

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Robin Atkins is back to discuss mental health, informed consent, abortion risks, the level of counseling in abortion facilities, and more.

Robin is a licensed mental health counselor, specializing in reproductive issues. She also has a philosophy degree. She spent four years doing home-based therapy with the Department of Children’s Services. She’s a pro-life advocate with an atypical perspective on some of the issues surrounding abortion.

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  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 1:13 Why tokophobia cases are increasing
  • 3:52 How can people learn to advocate for themselves better with their doctors?
  • 5:13 How informed consent relates to the abortion debate
  • 9:17 Is it wrong for pro-life ultrasound laws to require internal ultrasound procedures?
  • 11:43 Is it anti-free-speech to require doctors to say things required by a pro-life informed consent law?
  • 16:19 How satisfied are you with the informed consent bills that pro-lifers pass?
  • 19:43 How would you respond to the clinic worker who says they’re just there to provide the service their client wants?
  • 22:18 Should there be screenings before an abortion?
  • 23:49 Assessing the level of counseling and/or care given to women in abortion facilities
  • 27:55 Where should people go for the most accurate explanation of abortion risks?
  • 29:21 What would it take for a clinic worker to become qualified to give anything called “counseling” to the client?
  • 31:05 What are the accurate risk factors for abortion?
  • 37:47 Is the abortion causing these symptoms or are women who were already more likely to experience these post-abortion symptoms having abortions?
  • 41:17 On minors having abortions
  • 47:04 On pro-choice women using women who are suffering as a shield, and how pro-lifers should respond to her
  • 50:18 On abortion in the case of rape

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