In February 2020 Josh Brahm was invited to speak at multiple pro-life events in Ireland. This is from a Q&A session after one of those events.

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  • 0:00: How would you respond to someone who counters your argument about freedom of conscience for physicians by saying that doctors are in an occupation where they can’t opt out for personal reasons, just like ambulance drivers can’t decide not to help someone with a swastika tattoo?

  • 3:04: What about doctors being obligated to refer women to abortion practitioners?

  • 6:05: How should we respond to people who wonder how we would manage a pregnant woman who is suicidal over her pregnancy?

  • 9:14: How do you respond to people who say that you should be able to kill people if they’re using your body?

  • 17:36: What is a good approach to pro-life protesting, especially given that our abortions happen in hospitals?

  • 29:22: Do you think displays of white crosses are a good idea?

  • 31:46: How does the dynamic change if you’re debating in front of an audience or in a TV studio?

  • 36:44: Dealing with relativists who happily contradict themselves, even saying 1+1 can equal 3, and people who admit the unborn is a human but say that human rights should begin later.

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Josh Brahm is the President of Equal Rights Institute, an organization that trains pro-life advocates to think clearly, reason honestly and argue persuasively.

Josh uses speaking, writing and campus outreach to emphasize practical dialogue tips, pro-life philosophy, and relational apologetics.

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