Labels, LGBT Involvement, and More

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Josh, Tim, and Rachel answer your questions!


  1. This question from Ellen on the forum prompts a larger discussion of labels that pro-life and pro-choice people use for either side, what precisely is so wrong with “pro-abort,” as well as labels used for the unborn: “I think a good thing to discuss on the podcast or just here on the forum is issues within the movement and how we should approach them . . . Also, dealing with people who are super entrenched in some of the habits mentioned in module one. I know several people who can’t talk about abortion without using terms like “deathscort” and “pro-abort.”
  2. Ellen: “Another one that comes to mind is how many major pro-life organizations both nationally and locally feel the need to also include topics such as traditional marriage as part of their message. I’m a Christian myself so I don’t even necessarily disagree with their views on this, but it just seems like a weird, unrelated thing to bring up. It makes it difficult for me to involve my atheist, LGBT friends in pro-life events.”
  3. Malessa from Australia: “When having discussions about the equality of the pre-born, do you get push back about equality of homosexuals? I know these are two very different discussions, and no one is talking about killing homosexuals because they are unequal/not human, but I imagine the ‘marriage equality’ topic may come up in conversations. Maybe not so much in the US since the Supreme Court ruling, but here in Australia same-sex marriage is still not recognized/legally valid relationship, so I imagine someone calling me some sort of hypocrite if I use the word “equality” and yet am against SSM.”
  4. Jason: “How do you respond to a friend who has had a lot of good experiences at Planned Parenthood and says that she will support them no matter what?”

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