Jacob Nels with Voices for Life – Right to Life Kern County – Part 2

Jacob talking to pregnant woman

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Jacob Nels joins host Marylee Shrider on Voices for Life, a production of Right to Life of Kern County, to discuss his sidewalk counseling ministry and the resources that Equal Rights Institute provides to increase your effectiveness outside of abortion facilities. In this episode, Jacob provides insight into fostering dialogues with abortion-minded women, including conversation starters, body language, clothing, signage, and graphic images.


  • 0:30 — Recap of part 1
  • 2:33 — Understanding what abortion-minded women are going through
  • 6:53 — Conversation starters on the sidewalk
  • 9:45 — Focusing on helping and loving the woman
  • 10:49 — Body language and what to wear
  • 13:18 — Keeping a calm presence
  • 13:50 — All ages can be effective on the sidewalk
  • 14:55 — Continuing the conversation throughout their time at the clinic
  • 16:25 — Effective use of signs
  • 18:42 — Graphic images
  • 23:32 — Talking to pastors about sidewalk counseling
  • 25:40 — Sidewalk Counseling Masterclass information
  • 27:48 — Conclusion


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