Josh Brahm will share tips for creating the kind of conversational environment where people are the most likely to change their minds. Some of these are tips that we’ve been talking about since we launched ERI, and some of them we just developed in the last year, representing major changes in our approach to dialogue. This is one of our most fun speeches, filled with great stories of conversations to illustrate our points.

Date: September 21, 2017
Time: 10:00 - 11:00 a.m.
Event: 7 Practical Dialogue Tips: What We’ve Learned from Talking to 3,000 Pro-Choice People
Sponsor: University of Mary’s Convocation Committee
701-355- 8115
Venue: Butler Auditorium at the Gary Tharaldson School of Business at the University of Mary Main Campus
701-355- 8115
Location: 7500 University Dr
Bismarck ND 58504
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