ERI LIVE: Q&A with Josh at Fusion City Church

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Josh Brahm was invited to answer questions about abortion late last year at Fusion City Church in Kannapolis, NC. Pastor Brian Duncan had preached on abortion the week prior and asked Josh to help field the questions that came from the congregation afterward.

*Sorry for the bad audio during the intro. I forgot to grab the better audio before I formatted the SD card.


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 03:19 Pastor introduces Josh
  • 04:05 Josh summarizes the origin of his pro-life work
  • 05:25 Pastor Brian on self-defense and the right to life
  • 07:40 What if the mother’s life is at risk?
  • 11:34 But isn’t every pregnancy potentially life-threatening?
  • 17:19 What about cases of rape or incest?
  • 20:24 How would you respond to the argument that the unborn aren’t biologically human until they become a fetus?
  • 23:33 “If someone should have the choice to use drugs or have multiple sexual partners, should they also not have the choice to have an abortion?”
  • 26:38 How would you respond to a pro-choice Christian who says this: “My personal issue with the entire Roe v. Wade overturn was not so much the abortion aspect but the loss of bodily autonomy for me and my sisters and daughters. If the movement wasn’t so rooted in the dirty word of abortion, I think many people would have an easier time thinking of Pro-Choice as having a choice over one’s body which everyone has and almost everyone exercises to some degree. People choose to eat a vegan diet or a carnivore diet, both with very different reactions in the body. People choose to drink energy drinks despite the consequences of heart damage. People choose to be vaccinated or not, both with varying outcomes. People choose to smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol. People choose to give their boy child a circumcision or not, way before the child is ‘self-aware’, both offering varying outcomes. Saying “my body, my choice” is not pro-murder. It is pro-autonomy, and I have no issues with that whatsoever.”
  • 31:43 What are some areas where pro-life people sometimes don’t follow their logic to their natural conclusion?
  • 34:01 Final thoughts

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