Emily’s First Outreach Mistakes

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Our regular listeners have heard by now about the great successes of Oles for Life, the pro-life student club at St. Olaf College. In this episode, Emily Albrecht pulls the curtain back to share five mistakes their club made when they began doing outreach.

This episode will be followed by one on specific dialogue mistakes they made during their outreaches.


  • 00:00 Introducing the topic;
  • 03:11 Outreach at St. Olaf;
  • 04:39 Mistake #1: Fear of starting to do outreach;
  • 15:11 Mistake #2: Poorly designed outreach table;
  • 28:53 Mistake #3: Struggling to start conversations;
  • 34:33 Mistake #4: Not being ready to explain their purpose;
  • 40:45 Mistake #5: Not being intentional about who is at the table.

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