Emily’s First Dialogue Mistakes

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Now that she has talked about the initial outreach mistakes the Oles for Life club at St. Olaf made, Emily discusses their initial dialogue mistakes. Toward the beginning, she blows Josh’s mind by explaining how many of their member’s musical backgrounds made it easier for them to critique each other without anyone’s feelings getting hurt. (We bet this same thing applies to lots of artists and others too.)


  • 00:00 Introducing the topic;
  • 01:39 Mistake #1: Not knowing your strengths and weaknesses;
  • 14:36 Mistake #2: Making dialogues formulaic;
  • 20:39 Mistake #3: Not being willing to stand on the facts;
  • 24:35 On handing people better pro-choice arguments;
  • 30:05 Mistake #4: Forgetting that ‘clarity is our friend’;
  • 33:20 Why pro-choice people can misunderstand the ‘trot out a toddler’ technique;
  • 38:00 Bearing as much burden of proof as possible;
  • 40:08 Mistake #5: Struggling to end the conversation.

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