SPEECH: Why Every Teenager Should Be Equipped In Pro-Life Apologetics

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This is a speech and Q&A session I gave at a homeschool conference in Atlanta this year. I describe what it’s currently like to be a pro-life student on a college campus as well as the concepts that teenagers should be equipped in before they graduate high school.

After the speech I answered these questions:

  1. 50:09: When do you tell your kids about abortion?
  2. 54:17: What are your thoughts about sidewalk counseling ministry?

During Q&A I spontaneously talked about what youth pastors can do to prevent abortions in their churches because there was at least one youth pastor in the audience. That part starts at 52:34.

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VIDEO: Dialogue Tips Speech and Mock Dialogue at Students for Life Conference

I asked Rebecca Haschke from Justice For All to join me for a practical dialogue tips session at the 2017 Students for Life of America conference in D.C. so that we could spend the last part of the session doing a mock dialogue!


  • Josh Brahm – Tip 1: Ask Lots of Clarification Questions – 00:00
  • Josh Brahm – Tip 2: Don’t Make Arguments with Question Marks  – 05:25
  • Rebecca Haschke – Tip 3: Listen to Understand – 08:03
  • Rebecca Haschke – Tip 4: Find Genuine Common Ground When Possible – 22:51
  • Josh Brahm and Rebecca Haschke – Mock Dialogue – 28:05

Josh Brahm will be speaking at Clark College this spring, helping students understand and respond to the argument, “My Body, My Choice.”

Date:April 10, 2017
Time:04:00 p.m. - 06:00 p.m.
Event:Clark College Speech by Josh Brahm
Topic:"My Body, My Choice"
Sponsor: Clark College Students for Life
Venue: Clark College
Location:Vancouver, WA

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Josh Brahm will be speaking at Oregon Right to Life’s annual conference this spring, along with Randy Alcorn, Ryan Bomberger and others.

Date:April 22, 2017
Time:8:45 AM to 5:30 PM
Event:Oregon Right to Life Conference
Topic:"Seven Practical Pro-life Dialogue Tips" and "The Most Undervalued Argument in the Pro-Life Movement"
Sponsor: Oregon Right to Life
(503) 463-8563
Venue: Portland-Holiday Inn Airport
Location:Portland, OR 97220

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“Why Every Teenager Should be Equipped in Pro-Life Apologetics Before College”

We will not stop abortion without good parenting from pro-life parents. Josh will share some research on how many Christian students leave the faith during college, and how this trend can be largely curbed by equipping students in apologetics before they walk onto a hostile college campus. Josh will then share some of what his colleagues have been learning about how best to defend the Christian worldview regarding abortion when engaging with leftist atheists, and a new tool that makes it easier for parents to equip their teens in pro-life apologetics as a part of their worldview training at home.

Date:May 11, 2017—May 13, 2017
Event:Atlanta Georgia Homeschool Convention
Sponsor: Teach Them Diligently Home School Convention
Venue: Cobb Galleria
Location:Atlanta, GA

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