AHA Fails to Understand Pro-Life History (with Jonathon Van Maren – Part 2)

Download MP3: 57:16

Jonathon Van Maren joins the podcast for the second part of a discussion on what is going on with a hostile anti-abortion group called Abolish Human Abortion (AHA). In this episode, Jonathon discusses the history of the pro-life movement and why it needs to be understood, AHA’s “Free the States” strategy, and what pro-life organizations and sidewalk counselors should do about them.

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If you want to see Abolish Human Abolition’s account of who they are to assess it on its own terms, read “The Five Tenets of Abolitionism” on the AHA webpage: http://abolishhumanabortion.com/abolitionism/the-five-tenets-of-abolitionism/

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