A Comedian Shares Tips for Using Humor in Dialogue

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Josh Brahm interviews comedian Josh Harris about how he got into sidewalk counseling, how he uses humor on the sidewalk, and some practical tips for you to use to add more humor and friendliness to your conversations about abortion!


  • 0:00 Introducing Josh Harris;03:23 How a Comedian Began Sidewalk Counseling;
  • 08:45 Humor in pro-life dialogues;
  • 13:00 Combining humor with compliments;
  • 31:36 Practical tips for becoming funnier;
  • 40:33 Clean comedians to check out for inspiration;
  • 42:41 More practical tips;
  • 47:53 Friendliness in dialogue;
  • 49:47 Links and a final tip;
  • 55:31 What does it take to master apologetics?

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You can find Josh Harris’ comedy at:

Josh Harris’ online comedy classes:

Learn more about Josh Brahm’s stories of relational apologetics by watching this talk he gave at a church:

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Here’s how we describe humor in that list: “We believe laughter is a gift that enriches the human experience and helps to create an instant connection between people of different walks of life, which is why we have chosen to incorporate it into our content and work environment. While we take our work very seriously, we try to not take ourselves too seriously.”

Sidewalk Counseling Masterclass:

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